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I couldn’t agree more.

Hey you guys sorry for the lack of posts!

I was in the process of moving and now we are revamping the website the tumblr everything! as you can see we have a new logo. It is simple and adorable i love it!! 

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The truth about Naked Juices Exposed!!!

who said vegan eating was boring?

(Source: killaura)

One of my favorite cookies pre-vegan times and one that I thought I would have to give up. Apparently not, here is an easy recipe from healthy happy life! 
Click on the photo for the recipe!!
So many childhood memories with these things! Here is a homemade version that will make you feel a lot less guilty about the indulgence. 
Click on the photo for the recipe!!
Can anyone tell that I am craving pasta?? Another delicious looking recipe!! Put those boca crumbles in your freezer to work!! 
Pasta with white beans, roasted cauliflowers and toasted garlic breadcrumbs!! YUMM, if I wasn’t juicing I would start soaking my beans right now. 

Click on the photo for the recipe!!
Vegan Creamy Pasta with Kale and Cherry tomatoes! Ingredients are so basic you can make it tonight! 

Click photo for recipe!!